The company has established specific business areas to serve the following markets:

Technology Licensing: In order to commercialize our technology, Atom NanoElectronics has adopted technology licensing and manufacturing as its primary business strategy. Atom will license its proprietary processes and products worldwide to enable optoelectronics manufacturers to produce high-performance products with enhanced technological features with a competitive cost advantage. 

Materials Business: Atom’s materials business complements our proprietary optoelectronics technology. Atom has developed and provides high-performance proprietary nanomaterial processes for use in optoelectronic device fabrications.

Technology Development Services: Atom’s team of highly talented scientists and engineers also provides a range of customized technology evaluation and development services for our manufacturing clients, government contractors, as well as U.S. government agencies.

Technology Transfer Services: Atom provides an array of transfer services, including on-site training, to facilitate the smooth adoption of both our technologies and materials by future manufacturing partners.

Mission Statement

Atom NanoElectronics' mission is to develop new and innovative technologies for manufacturing and commercializing the next generation of low-cost, high-performance optoelectronic devices. Atom has assembled a proven team with extensive research and business experiences that is able to take prototype products through commercialization. 


The vision of Atom NanoElectronics is to innovate scalable and high throughput printing technologies for low-cost, high-performance optoelectronic devices in order to make them available for every person. Atom NanoElectronics focuses on developing printed Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWCNT) electronics and SWCNT display backplanes that will become pervasive around the world. Atom NanoElectronics has developed processes to print organic light emitting diodes (OLED) on top of printed SWCNT display backplanes. Atom NanoElectronics is working toward building a manufacturing base for printed Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (AMOLED) displays and becoming a dominant worldwide supplier of the next generation displays. 

Atom NanoElectronics is a company founded in 2013 and operates the business as Atom Technology, located on 440 Hindry Ave Unit E, Los Angeles, CA 90301. The company was founded to fulfill a need in supplying nanomaterials on insulators and silicon substrates to the defense sector for high frequency device/circuit applications. 

Atom NanoElectronics will lead its commercialization efforts by utilizing its deep knowledge in nanoelectronics applications and leveraging resources and expertise from University of California at Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. 

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